Course curriculum

    1. Session 1 Instructions & Companion Guide

    2. Teaching Video

    3. Guided Exercise Video

    1. Session 2 Return Instruction and Companion Guide

    2. Teaching Video

    3. Teaching Bonus

    1. Anoint Tool Introduction

    2. Session 3 Anoint Instructions and CG

    3. Teaching Video

    4. Teaching Bonus and Homework

    1. Create Tool Introduction

    2. Session 4 Create Instructions and CG

    3. Teaching Video

    4. Teaching Bonus and Homework

    1. Assemble Tool Introduction

    2. Session 5 Assemble Instructions and CG

    3. Teaching Video

    4. Teaching Bonus and Homework

    1. Abide Tool Introduction

    2. Session 6 Abide Instructions and CG

    3. Teaching Video

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content

What is included?

The teaching of the final four tools of BECOMING focuses on representing God through your creative gifts and callings, how all 12 tools work together in a practical way, and a variety of frameworks for understanding your spiritual journey. You will have access to this study for 4 months from the day you begin. For those who purchased this course, you will have an option to extend your access to all the videos and course content of the BECOMING curriculum for $19.99, including both courses 1 & 2 (cancel anytime).

  • 8 + hours of teaching content

  • 6 Sessions of never before seen worship

  • Published Companion Guide (100+ pages)

  • LIVE monthly group sessions (The Porch)

  • Access to discipleship opportunities by BECOMING community

  • Invitation to online small groups

Difference between Tangible Material and Digital Only Pricing

Both courses feature the same teaching that hundreds have enjoyed over the last 7 years. However, the course, which includes tangible materials, namely the printed workbook (Companion Guide for your BECOMING) and all the physical items needed for the session activities, has been known to create a kinesthetic and multi-sensory learning experience that enlivens the truths of God in your story and more deeply impresses them upon your soul. The digital-only experience was created for this academy to meet certain levels of affordability and those participating outside the US and Canada.  For those who choose the digital-only version, please note there is a PDF version of each tangible material and suggestions for gathering similar items in your own home environment. 

Pricing options

All BECOMING retreats and Academy courses over the years have included hands-on material unique to each session. The digital version does have a downloadable Companion Guide (CG), visual prompts to simulate tangibles, and information on how to make or gather your own tangibles, as well as the same teaching for each of the sessions. Manipulatives and CG can be purchased through the academy store at any time. Consider inviting a friend to journey with you.

Tangible Material Available

If you purchased a digital-only version of any courses, including BECOMING Integrated, and you changed your mind, the packets are available at the Becoming Academy Store.