Group Advantages

Strengthen your community even in COVID! Over the years BECOMING has been exclusively lead, facilitated and taught to private groups, so if you prefer to journey through this experience with close friends or your church small group, we want to help.

  • For 5 or more people, enjoy special bundled pricing.

  • Enjoy your own named private community group monitored by the Academy or participate in its flagship community group for the duration of your enrollment.

  • At least 1 tailored private webinar session with Kerry as schedules allows for certain qualified groups.

  • Tailored special pricing for tangible materials with free shipping for groups that prefer the tangible material vs. the digital only course.

  • Enjoy the same 15+ hours of teaching, 3+ hours of bonus content, insights and testimony in addition to the Companion Guide workbook content in the course for individuals.

  • Contact us and tell us about your group and interest at with the term "small group" in the subject line.

Fall 2022 Academy Small Group Offerings

Click the button below to let us know which time slot fits your schedule the most.

For participants who wish to join an online small group rather than start one in their own community in person or with friends and family across the internet, we offer these small group options as part of the program at no extra cost. Limited openings.