Start a Small Group

Strengthen your community today! Over the years BECOMING was led, facilitated, and taught exclusively by Kerry to private groups. Now, however, through the Academy, you can help facilitate this journey for a small group of your friends or members of your church community. Whether you are experienced or not, we can help you get started. Email us for guidance and group discounts: [email protected].

  • For 5 or more people, enjoy special bundled pricing.

  • Enjoy your own named private community group monitored by the Academy or participate in its flagship community group on Facebook for the duration of your enrollment.

  • At least 1 tailored private webinar session with Kerry as schedules allows for certain qualified groups.

  • Tailored special pricing for tangible materials with free shipping for groups that prefer the tangible material vs. the digital only course.

  • Enjoy the same 15+ hours of teaching, 3+ hours of bonus content, insights and testimony in addition to the Companion Guide workbook content in the course for individuals.

  • Contact us and tell us about your group and interest at [email protected] with the term "small group" in the subject line.

Small Group Leader Testimony

“This is my third time volunteering to help lead a small group through the first 8 tools of BECOMING, and it is a blessing and a privilege for me to do so. I am in awe of what God is doing through Kerry and through this ministry. I want to share this wonderful practice with any and everyone who would like to learn. I want to be encouraged and learn from experienced BECOMERS as we all make this practice a part of our everyday lives.”

Kristen Keller

We will walk with you!

We always recommend walking through the BECOMING study with others (although self-paced by yourself is still effective). Select the button below to start the conversation about starting a small group using the online courses here at The Becoming Academy.

Bring the Soul-Sorting Workshop to your area!

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The BECOMING tools of faith, taught by Kerry Hasenbalg, have affected hundreds of people and the Soul-Sorting Workshop is designed to be a one-day mini-retreat or boutique-type event. It is perfect for women's gatherings and can be designed for marriage and parent-child activities.