Soul-Sorting Experience with Kerry

Spiritual formation with tools for a lifetime.

Like a junk drawer or messy purse, we all have areas of our lives that need to be sorted. Whether it’s in a family relationship, friendship, parenting, marriage, health, work, or creative endeavor, the messiness can make it difficult to hope, see the good, remove the bad, and make use of the treasures we already have. These one-on-one sessions are designed to help you sort out a troubled area of your life using the BECOMING tools and the wisdom of scripture as your guide. Complete the inquiry form by scrolling down this page or email [email protected] with questions, or select the bottom below to learn more about fees and other details to get started.

Becoming in Marriage & Family

Walking with you to flourish in your most vital relationships.

With over 23 years of marriage to account for and leading retreats together, Scott and Kerry are experienced to journey with you in your marriage. As mentors and sojourners with many married couples, they apply biblical principles and the Becoming tools through the marital lens as their guide. Complete the inquiry form by scrolling down this page or email [email protected] with questions, or select the button below to learn about fees and other details.

Leader Care for Professionals

Experienced with Executives, Influencers, Pastors, Family Foundations & Corporate Leaders

As a Certified Christian Life Coach with over 22 years of experience in the trenches of starting, building, and developing social impact entities and family foundations for influencers and philanthropists, Scott is passionate about helping leaders and companies steward their gifts well for optimal Kingdom impact.   Complete the inquiry form by scrolling down this page or email [email protected] with questions, or select the button below to learn about fees and other details.

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  • Are their discounts for church leaders and students?

    Yes. Tell us more about who you are by either email or the inquiry form. Email - [email protected]

  • What is the BECOMING approach?

    With Biblical principles that shape our worldview and experiences, depending on your goals, we provide tools that last you a lifetime. Our approach is one of exploration and discovery with the Holy Spirit as our guide.

  • Does a Soul-Sorting session with Kerry have to be 2 hours?

    It is possible to divide Soul-sorting into two 1 hour sessions. Still, to be effective, based on Kerry's approach of applying the tools well, it does require the full 2 hours of time. The kinesthetic material, prayer, and external processing have a specific methodology that takes time. However, we are open to customizing a plan that fits your needs. Complete the inquiry form above and make a special note, or email us at [email protected].

  • Is this therapy?

    Therapy typically looks at past hurts, dysfunction, and conflict within an individual or in relationships. And though this is part of the soul-sorting process, we are not licensed psychotherapists. Kerry is a spiritual director trained in Biblical lay counseling, and Scott is a life coach specializing in leader-care. Therapy is a Biblical term that means to heal over time, that is, to become progressively more whole by the power of God's Spirit. This has implications on many levels, including the soul, spirit, and relational levels, and these are the focus areas in soul-sorting. We help you apply practices and perspectives to your life situations for the sake of movement toward healing and wholeness. If you have severe mental health struggles, we suggest you see a licensed practitioner who can provide the necessary medical care.

  • What is coaching?

    Millions of people have life coaches these days. Typically, someone hires a life coach to help them define success in their lives and maximize their personal and professional potential. It is a little more forward-looking than what traditional counseling or therapy delivers. The BECOMING approach, as defined above, integrates elements of what we have learned in our coaching certification. We might use the term mentoring interchangeably to accomplish the same results.

  • Have a different question?

    Email us privately at [email protected]