Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to BECOMING (3mins)

    2. Soul-Sorting Guided Journal

    1. Session 1: Experiences and Stones of Faithfulness (2:14)

    1. Session 2 : Confident Beliefs & Struggles of Unbelief (5:05)

    2. BONUS: Scott Hasenbalg Testifies on BELIEVE & REMEMBER (18:14)

    1. Session 3: Questions and Requests (4:35)

    2. BONUS: Q & A with Kerry on ASK (5:14)

    3. BONUS: Hasenbalg Kids Testify to the ASK Clothesline (2:58)

    1. Session 4 - Brokenness & Incomplete Parts (5:38)

    2. BONUS: Insights from Kerry on Trust Part 1 (6:34)

    3. BONUS: Q & A with Kerry Part 2 (4:43)

    4. BONUS: Insights with Kerry on Trust Part 3 (3:45)

    5. BONUS: Insights from Kerry on TRUST Part 4 (8:34)

    1. Session 5 - Fears and Sins (4:43)

    2. BONUS: Jody Olympia Testifies on REDEEM (14:10)

About this course

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  • 3 hours of video content

What is inside?

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  • 3+ hours of video content

  • 55 Page Soul-Sorting Guided Journal

  • Access to special teachings and the BECOMING community


Begin your BECOMING journey with this Soul-Sorting mini-course. Guided journal included.

What others are saying about Becoming.

“The wisdom and knowledge flowing out of Kerry's mouth were beyond anything I’ve heard preached or taught in my entire Christian life. That's 57 years of church.  ”

Julie Ann Scott, UK

“I am continually amazed at how challenged and encouraged I am when I do this study of Becoming. I already want to do it all over again. Thank you!”


“I have been doing bible studies for over forty years and have never experienced something as transformative as this.”


“"Kerry's teaching has been revelatory to me and has been a way to identify and heal spiritual wounds. My walk with Jesus has deepened and become ever more joyful as a result." ”


“Kerry and these tools have helped me connect my faith with my background as a Psychologist. When I was in a family crisis personally, just one afternoon of using the tools saved me hours and hours of therapy. Healing and progress came to me differently than I expected. The Way of Becoming is a gift that can help transform you if you are ready to dive in and do the hard work.”